I consider myself, above all else, a digital storyteller. Through words, photos, videos, and other digital means, I try to tell stories in the most beautiful way possible.

I have been a writer all my life and graduated with my B.A. in Journalism and Honors, summa cum laude, from the University of Maine in 2016. From an early age, I wanted to combine my passion for writing with my love of the visual arts. I picked up a camera at age 12 and eventually turned my hobby into a long-term career objective. For years, I have utilized photography and video in a number of different professional capacities.

A former newspaper reporter and current higher education public relations strategist, I incorporate digital strategy into every aspect of my work life — including social media, multimedia storytelling, photo and video editing, television production, and data analysis.

With this website, I intend to display my work and post my musings for you to explore. I am also available for portraits and other photo work. If you are interested, please Contact me to discuss pricing.

— Alan