Maine Summer Youth Music Camp 2015

Originally published July 29, 2015 Around 140 high school students from across Maine gathered at the University of Maine July 18-26 for the annual Maine Summer Youth Music Camp (MSYM). Students participated in musical activities such as concert band, chorus, musical theater and jazz, and performed in a concert at the end of the week.Continue reading “Maine Summer Youth Music Camp 2015”

SMART Institute 2015

Originally published July 21, 2015 Video created for the University of Maine College of Engineering, highlighting the second annual SMART Institute, a stormwater management research team funded through the National Science Foundation. This year, nearly 100 Maine high-schoolers came to the University of Maine for three days to study new technologies in stormwater management and laboratoryContinue reading “SMART Institute 2015”

Get a flu shot? Good news, you may still get the flu.

Originally published Dec. 18, 2014 United States health officials are warning the flu vaccine may not be fully effective in preventing the spread of disease due to changes in this season’s most common strain of flu virus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Dec. 3. A health advisory released by the CDCContinue reading “Get a flu shot? Good news, you may still get the flu.”

“Look out for me:” Mapping Nellie Bly’s Historic Career

Originally published Dec. 3, 2014 An Interactive Project for CMJ 211: Journalism Introduction and History Few journalists make the news in addition to reporting it. In the nineteenth century, few women even reported the news at all. But that all changed when Nellie Bly took her pen to the paper of Joseph Pulitzer’s The NewContinue reading ““Look out for me:” Mapping Nellie Bly’s Historic Career”

Fire and Ice: Audio Slideshow

Originally published Nov. 21, 2014 In collaboration with Amanda Curtis What do ancient volcanoes, polar ice, modern storms and a Texan all have in common? A lot more than you might think. Donna “Teye” Kalteyer, a University of Maine graduate student and research assistant who is researching the cryptotephra particles trapped in the ice atContinue reading “Fire and Ice: Audio Slideshow”

Off the beaten path

Originally published Nov. 14, 2014 The sun beats down as cool October winds rattle tent poles and shake leaves from their branches. Townspeople gather to exchange casual chitchat as they pick through potatoes and decide whose kale is the freshest and greenest. Children run about and play, enjoying the last sunny warmth of the seasonContinue reading “Off the beaten path”

Just Listen: The Peaceful Fight Against Domestic Violence

Originally published Nov. 7, 2014 It’s the topic none of us really want to talk about. Domestic violence may be an incredibly personal issue, but by not talking about it, we aren’t helping to end it. That’s why Katie Hathaway and Shaunna Peard, both University of Maine business students, worked together to take charge and lead the effort in stoppingContinue reading “Just Listen: The Peaceful Fight Against Domestic Violence”

Maine prepared for flu season, state CDC director affirms

Originally published Sept. 21, 2014 Orono, ME — Maine is fully prepared for the upcoming flu season as enhanced vaccination formulations aim to prevent spread of the seasonal virus, according to Dr. Sheila Pinette, Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director. A new quadrivalent form of flu vaccine will be available this year, intentContinue reading “Maine prepared for flu season, state CDC director affirms”

Maine CDC confirms first human EEE case, voices concern

A joint report with Shelby Hartin Originally published Nov. 7, 2014 … ORONO, Maine — On October 10, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the state’s first human case of Eastern equine encephalitis, one of the most severe and deadly mosquito-transmitted diseases in the United States. The patient, identified as a matureContinue reading “Maine CDC confirms first human EEE case, voices concern”